Zachary and Channah Grabifker

Zachary Grabifker is Mary’s 2nd great-grandfather.  He lived in Russia, where he married Channah Mariam Marvien.  Two of their sons were Mayer Isaac, born in 1849, and Marcus, born in 1859.  These sons would leave Russia because of persecutions against the Jewish people.  Mayer Isaac landed in Glasgow, Scotland, and Marcus immigrated to the United States, first to North Dakota and later to Oregon.

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Zachary Grabifker Family Group Record

This next chart shows 6 generations of descendants of Zachary and Channah Grabifker in a fan presentation.  Keep in mind that there are gaps and missing information.

Zachary Grabifker Descendant Fan Chart


Mary’s Father, Frank Czapar

Frank Czapar was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1904.  By 1920, he had moved to Arizona, and was living with his father.  Later he moved to San Diego, California, where his mother was living.  In 1930, Frank married Beatrice Ann Gale, who was from Minnesota.  Beatrice was of Jewish, English, and Irish ancestry.  Mary was born in 1936 and grow up in San Diego.

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Frank and Beatrice Czapar Family Group Record

Aunt Margaret Czapar

Mary noted that her aunt Margaret was her favorite aunt.  Margaret Czapar and Mary’s father were half-siblings.  Margaret was born and lived in Arizona.

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Margaret Czapar Family Group Record

Ferencz Czapar, Mary’s Grandfather

Ferencz (or Frank) Czapar is Mary’s grandfather.  He was born in Hungary and immigrated to the United States in 1896, where he settled in Chicago.  He was a butcher by profession.  In 1903, he married Apollonia (or Pauline) Panik, who was from Slovakia, and they had two sons:  Frank and Charles.  By 1917, Frank had moved to Cochise County, Arizona, and he and Apollonia were divorced.  In 1922, he married Elizabeth Saletros Zahoransky, a widow with an 8-year old daughter, Rose.  Mary wrote this note, found in her family history research.

“Grandpa wanted a Hungarian wife.  He put an add in the paper in Hungary.  Several ladies sent a letter.  Grandpa picked her because of her beautiful handwriting.  She was a beautiful lady.”

Frank and Elizabeth had three daughters together:  Margaret, Helen, and Ella.  They lived in Tuscon, Arizona.

By 1920, Apollonia was living in San Diego, California, and she also married again, to Samuel Bulich.

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Ferencz and Apollina Czapar Family Group Record

Ferencz and Elizabeth Czapar Family Group Record

Elizabeth Saletros and Peter Zahoransky Family Group Record

Veronika Czapar Egnatz Family Group Record

Veronika Czapar was born in Hungary.  As a young woman, she came to the United States with two cousins.  She married Nicholas Egnatz and raised a family in Indiana.  She is Mary’s grand aunt.

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Veronika Czapar Egnatz Family Group Record

Mikaly and Julianna Czapar

Mikaly Czapar is Mary’s great-grandfather.  He lived in Hungary, where he married Julianna Koleszar and raised his family.  Several of his children, including Mary’s grandfather Ferencz and his sister Veronika came to the United States.

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Mikaly Czapar Family Group Record

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Mikaly Czapar Descendant Fan Chart

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